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Client Charter

Basic Service Syariah Judiciary Department Of Johor


The department’s promises are: -

Client Charter Source
1. Setting mention / conversation date to customers on the day of registration of cases when all documents are complete. Registration of Mal Cases System (SPKMS)
2. Mention / discuss a Mal case and Crime, within 21 days after the list (registered). Registration Mal and Criminal Cases System(SPKMS)
3. Mention / discuss in a year at least 70% of Mal and Criminal cases that have been registered. Registration Mal and Criminal Cases System(SPKMS)
4. Probe on every complaint that is received within 14 days from the date the complaint was received. Report Complaint (Complaint Committee JKSNJ)
5.Hear the first appeal within 30 days after receipt of the record of appeal that decision in Appeals Court. Registration Appeal Case System (SPKMS)

Client Charter Achievement (Archive) :

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