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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. What are the cases handled by the Syariah Judiciary Department of Johor (JKSNJ)

    JKSNJ handle cases related to three (3) main branches of mal cases, faraid cases and criminal (syariah) cases.

  2. What is Mal?

    Refers to non-criminal cases involving matters such as the case of Islamic family engagement, marriage, divorce, alimony, rujuk and so on.

  3. What is Faraid?

    Faraid is the division of the property of a Muslim who had died and did not leave a wasiat (inheritance) letter before his death. The real legacy will be distributed to his heirs (such as child, wife, husband, mother, etc.), in accordance with Islamic law. Faraid is a fair system of distribution of wealth in Islam, in which the formula is divided into families of the deceased.

  4. What is a Crime (Syariah)

    All forms of prohibited actions and damages, whether the action of the body, property or otherwise. All forms of offense punishable under Syariah. High regard for the glory of Islam religion, life, intellect, property and dignity. Violations of these five things is a crime to be punished.

  5. What is Talaq?

    Releasing the bonds of marriage with the pronouncement of talaq.

  6. What is a Li’an

    • Li’an is the oath of a husband when he accuses his wife of adultery without four witnesses except himself alone, he should swear four times “that he is telling the truth” and the fifth time “that he will be cursed by Allah if he is lying” .
    • If the wife rejected the allegations, she should swear four times “that her husband was lying” and the fifth time “that she will be cursed by God if her husband is true”.
    If the parties to a marriage have swore li’an according to syarak law in front of Judge, the Judge will order them farak and separated and living apart forever.

  7. What is Fasakh?

    Fasakh divorce is a way to dissolve the marriage based on specific reasons. Application by the wife to the husband is allowed for reasons below:
    a) Do not know where they (husband) are for a period of more than one year.
    b) Does not provide for the alimony of his wife for a period of 3 months.
    c) Was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of 3 years or more.
    d) Not to perform, without reasonable cause inner maintenance for one year.
    e) Was erectile dysfunction.
    f) It has been insane for a period of 2 years.
    g) Currently suffering from leprosy or venereal disease infections.
    h) Frequently hurt or make wife’s life suffering.
    i) Make friends with women of evil.
    j) Forcing wife live porn.
    k) Disposal of property of the wife.
    l) Prevent wife fulfill religious (Islam) obligations.
    m) No justice depress his wives according to Islamic Law.
    n) Non-intercourse with his wife intentionally though four months have been married.
    o) And any other grounds recognized Islamic Law.

  8. What is Ta’liq?

    Ta’liq is an agreement signed during the marriage. It allows the wife to apply for a divorce (divorce ta’liq) if the husband violates any of the conditions contained in the ta’liq.

  9. What is Ruju ‘

    Rights granted by Islam to the former husband to continue the marriage alliance with former wife that he divorced before the expiration time of ‘iddah (wife).

  10. How can I make inquiries / suggestions / comments relating to the business of this department?

    You can send us your feedback via our (online) which available here.

  11. How can I make a business (registration for a case) in this department?

    You have to go through the process at the counter of the department (JKSNJ) as follows:

  12. How can I contact the Official Website JKSNJ
    Administrative arrangements, you can contact: -

    Lot 259, Jalan Abu Bakar,
    80000 Johor Bahru, Johor
    Phone: 07-2199000
    Fax: 07-2213133